«Sex/Life» Star Sarah Shahi Answers Fan Questions

#SexLife star #SarahShahi reveals what she finds sexy, what it was like to work with The Rock on 'Black Adam,' and whether she's Team Brad or Team Cooper in real life. Plus, hear Sarah speak a bit of Farsi!

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    we are going to enjoy all the service you provide through the different services . I wish you more achievements in this filed

  2. Anonym

    Know her from The L Word, she was amazing in it! 🥰

  3. k

    Love Sarah shahi, but sorry, was hoping for so much for sex/life and what Billie did was kind of despicable… not questioning your marriage or wanting more passion… lying and at the end cheating on your significant other.. and I’m not sure Billie really tried to save her marriage.. Cooper did. when Sarah determined she wasn’t getting what she needed, she ended her marriage with Steve and there’s no shame in that. she didn’t just start cheating on Steve with Adam. I thought Sarah was good in it though…

    1. random guy

      She would have tested it before moving out from steve… With adam pretty much… Hence it is technically cheating…


    She lives in a dream world.

  5. Rufer Salonky

    Love her in black Adam

  6. Farihe Porqaz

    I proud of you because lm Iranian 💓

  7. Rupesh kumar

    Difficulty and growing is not divorcing 5times ya it’s ur choice but for those who are married since 20 years 30years .. getting 5 wives and facing difficulty than what about the guy or girl spending whole life with each other my opinion don’t get offended

  8. hariharan karthikeyan

    We cannot get it all either we sacrifice something for ourself or by hurting or killing others or loved ones belief and trust. She is just a bad model for a young women’s to lead them in wrong path. Presenting a real selfish 304.

  9. BigFred830

    They should really rename the series Divorce/Porn… on and off the set… Cause that’s all it is…

    1. hariharan karthikeyan

      Yes, this is a crappy series to lead young women in wrong direction.

    2. Dr.Najeeba Tarannum

      You are right

    3. San Merz


    4. S. Sh.

      that is mean thing to say

  10. shari es

    flower east

  11. DngnRdr

    I’m a big fan but Sex/Life is the exception…. not my cup of tea.

  12. Jesse Jenkins

    She was great in Person of Interest, and married to Kevin from Shameless

  13. Amirali

    I think is Iranian actor but didn’t born in iran

  14. Arjhones loyola


  15. Arjhones loyola

    tell me what’s your secret B? your so very mysterious girl HAHAHA

  16. Rem Rens

    If you read her bio and her personal life, she encompasses a lot of what’s wrong with modern women. Not trilled by this actress at all.

    1. S Usmani

      @Anonymshe’s high class?? joke of the day lol or are you drunk

    2. Anonym

      WTF? What are you talking about? She is totally high class ❤

    3. hariharan karthikeyan

      She is a trademark 304 and a shameless person. Felt bad for her kids.

    4. Ludwig Martina

      @Mariam Islam Hola

    5. S Usmani

      I agree! She has no class whatsoever

  17. Vanessa Acosta Hernández

    she’s from the l word what the hell? she’s not mexican?

    1. SmokeySkies

      She’s Iranian…

    2. mohamad tahmasebinia

      She’s not Iranian.

    3. Buddahstar8

      Who cares!

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