NFL Star Patrick Mahomes & Wife Brittany Reveal Sex of Baby No. 2 | E! News

NFL star Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany host a sex reveal party for their second child. See the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback's splashy reaction!

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NFL Star Patrick Mahomes & Wife Brittany Reveal Sex of Baby No. 2 | E! News

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  1. SoloUni.

    Having children won’t fix your toxic relationship pat

  2. Nicholas Garrick

    Nice congrats ,and sweet to see sterling will have a playmate in the coming years🎉🍾

  3. The Diesel

    It’s really cool of Patrick to raise Kelce’s kid!

    1. Bryon Letterman

      hahaha wtf

  4. Kathleen Weinberg

    Congratulations Patrick and Brittany wish you both happiness on your journey as a family and precious new baby

  5. Lauren Schenck

    CONGRATULATIONS!! happy family!! Aww so adorable

  6. Jessica Marie

    So adorable 😍

  7. John Locatelli

    Proud of my guy 😭😎
    Shoutout to all Chiefs fans

    Cheers from San Diego California

  8. Tigerhappykitten

    Why is Brittany having a baby boy but i want them to have a baby girl.

  9. Joanna

    wonderful congrats to your lovely family

  10. Celeb Village

    Adorable family, aren’t they?

    1. Kim Stacks

      🙄Daddy and baby are

    2. OreoreO

      ​@John Locatelli Well they’re not wrong…😂

    3. John Locatelli

      @Jozee tell us about your miserable life dude lol

    4. Dre


    5. Jozee


  11. Edna Beckwith

    Love love congratulations

  12. Helen100

    Beautiful daughter

  13. OreoreO

    This commentary leaves a lot to be desired…

  14. Kim Stacks

    Sterling looks so much like her Uncle Jackson

    1. The Diesel

      She looks more like Todd Kelce.

  15. Tigerhappykitten

    Why? is it a boy.

  16. Sherquetta Ingram


  17. Jennifer Bisson


  18. C.C.

    I think the whole gender reveal thing has taken away one of the great surprises the Universe can gift us. Our desire for control rules everything anymore.

  19. M Pdaugherty


  20. Shanelle Scott

    Congratulations ❤❤❤

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