K-Pop Stars Questioned By Police In Sex Scandal Investigation | NBC News

Seungri, from the boy band Big Bang, and singer Jung Joon-young have announced their immediate retirement from showbusiness.
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K-Pop Stars Questioned By Police In Sex Scandal Investigation | NBC News

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  1. vivi rights

    YG committed tax fraud and we all just glanced over it-

    But I’m seriously disgusted with this scandal. I’m a VIP and I adored Seungri, as many other VIPs. It’s so disappointing. He doesn’t deserve any of the support he is still getting or any second chances.

  2. sara D

    One of the guys actually got caught for similar reason in 2016. Do you know what he said “I’ll pretend that I’m sorry”. Of course, these men don’t feel sorry. None of them even apologised to ANY of the victims since past few years.

    1. ιndrιcaвlυrrмyιѕ X

      And people still supported his concert in USA. Disgusting.

  3. Seventeencarat

    All these artists I was respect them but they disappointed me Especialy Seungri

    1. Elizabeth Nguyen

      Somi_BTS A.R.M.Y same, mine and my cousin’s bias used to be Seungri but now I move to Daesung and my cousin moved to G-Dragon as our new big bang biases

  4. Nia Drama

    People in the group chat
    Jung Joon Young
    Former BIGBANG member Seungri
    Former FTISLAND member Choi Jong Hoon
    Former CEO of Yuri Holdings Yoo In Suk (who is also the husband of actress Park Han Byul)
    Mr. Kim a club employee
    The relative of a popular girl group member (for now known as Mr. A)
    Former YG Entertainment employee (for now known as Mr. B)
    A close friend of Jung Joon Young (the two appeared on a variety show together, referred to as Mr. C).

    People related to the scandal
    Prostitution Issue
    Yong Jun Hyung Ex-Highlight
    Lee Jong Hyun CNBlue

    Gambling Issue
    Cha Tae Hyun
    Kim Jun Ho

  5. spoopyjhope

    Wow, this is truly shocking

  6. bell

    Hate when they say ‘retired’. They were probably kicked out or should have been. Disgusting humans.
    I was into big bang for a while back but never a fan of seungri so I felt like I could see through his personality a little.? So arrogant thinking he’s all that. He Barley made it into bb. He’s with YG Entertainment I mean what can you expect of him. He had it coming… Hope everyone gets exposed and punished to the extent!

    1. Itzel Montalvo

      @bell I agree. YG should be punished as well for all his crimes

    2. Itzel Montalvo

      YG is trash but he is not longer in YG .

  7. ImThe Whole SUNFLOWER

    *Me See My Bias From Big Bang*
    Me: 😭😭💔

  8. Marketing By Bourey

    I don’t feel bad for these kpop artists. You make your bed and you sleep in it.

  9. jas_1 _ofakind

    Even 12-year-olds were working at the burning sun as prostitutes, they’re not even developed physically nor mentally.

    1. 김성은

      @vivi rights no

    2. vivi rights

      jas_1 _ofakind oh my god really???

    3. NINE

      Wait was it really at Burning Sun !!??? i heard it was at a different club

  10. Cinnabar

    Omg, this is huuuuge in Korea and to all K-pop fans…. this breaks all their rules in so many ways…. these kids in boy bands and girl bands aren’t even allowed to date or they are kicked out…. the culture is unforgiving and hard AF… Japan is the same way regarding these groups… wow…

    1. Itzel Montalvo

      @ZinC Alright

    2. ZinC

      @Itzel Montalvo It shows that the idol has gone way too far considering that he is under an industry (and culture) that puts a great emphasis on purity. Dating, although seen as a natural and normal thing to do in western countries, is typically not taken well in Asian culture, especially if they’re a celebrity. Therefore, having seen that an idol from an Asian country has broken so many unforgivable laws, even to western standard, shows that this man has certainly gone too far.

    3. Itzel Montalvo

      Idk what raping and violation of someones rights have to do with dating

  11. James Ketcham

    Oh please, these boys are so cute tho

    1. Sweetandy

      James Ketcham bruh 🤦‍♀️

  12. Telaumbanua Tonazaro

    in Japanese we can see JAV, in korea we can se K-Pop

    1. TheNanamariam

      Whats JAV?

  13. Jac Laurence

    My heart hurts.. why did you do this love?