K-pop stars at center of mushrooming sex video scandal to appear before police for questioning

'성관계 몰카' 정준영•'성접대 의혹' 승리 내일 동시 소환

Two huge names in the world of K-Pop are in big legal jeopardy over sex-related allegations.
Police are going to question both singer Jung Joon-young… and BigBang singer Seungri…. who withdrew from the entertainment industry this week.
Hong Yoo reports.
Jung Joon-young admitted Wednesday that he had secretly filmed himself having sex with various women and sharing the videos with his friends through a mobile group chat.

Within the chat, Jung also bragged about his sexual relations with the women and joked about his friends' various sexual encounters.
Officials say he has been sharing the videos, that were recorded without the consent of the women, since 2015.
Police say at least 10 different women were in the various videos.
The K-pop star said he did not feel any sense of guilt for his behavior at the time, but on Wednesday he apologized to the victims.

He also said he will "put everything down" as a public figure and withdraw from all activities in the entertainment business.

Jung's activities were uncovered in the process of narrowing down the investigation of Seungri, a member of the popular boyband BigBang.

Seungri is accused of providing illegal escort services to his potential business partners for lobbying purposes.
Seungri, who had recently expanded his career to running several businesses such as restaurants and nightclubs, was also one of the members of the group chat at the center of the scandal.

Seungri will be questioned by police for a second time on Thursday.
His first appearance last month was related to suspicions ranging from drug use to buying sexual services for potential foreign investors in his businesses.
While Seungri initially denied all the allegations, a group chat with his business partner and employees, that was released to the media showed he had instructed an employee to arrange an illegal sexual service for a potential client.
Since that came to light, Seungri announced his retirement from the entertainment industry.
Hong Yoo, Arirang News.

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  1. Riz On VEVO

    So bad thing. This scandal be a warning for all the KPop public figure..

  2. Leah Quispe

    Withdraw like he’s doing us all a favor, no nobody wants to be involved with criminals

  3. Jessie van Treijan

    Don’t forget CNBLUE Joonghyung is also involved in this crime against woman with these guys.

  4. EDUME 95

    Too late for apology!

  5. Rugene Colong

    Bakit hindi itu binabalita sa pilipinas.

    1. Rugene Colong

      @Cindy Rella thanks

    2. Cindy Rella

      It has been reported on UKG a few days ago. UKG = Umagang Kay Ganda

  6. Chloé

    Lock them up and give justice to the victims

  7. febby sapulete

    I think he denied providing the prostitutes because he has high end clients..they may threatened him too. It’s not just that his career is done, but also his life is hanging on a thread….

    1. Cindy Rella


  8. Taehyung's Gucci Flip Flops

    I used to look up to all the idols involved as inspiration but not anymore, this is sick! The women need justice served for their reasons of how horrible THIS IS!

    1. Taehyung's Gucci Flip Flops

      Damas 24365
      Not a great time to say this.

      But multi-fandom

    2. D

      @Taehyung’s Gucci Flip Flops not a great time to say tgis but …hehehe 💜

    3. Taehyung's Gucci Flip Flops

      Damas 24365


    4. D

      It not a great time to say this but…army😏💜

  9. Zoey Papadopoulou

    I pray that God will have mercy upon them and save them in Jesus name Amen

    1. Cindy Rella

      I just hope time will come when they are able to repent and turn to God even without money and fame cus only Him has an unconditional love who always give us another chance to live no matter how vile and immoral being we were.

  10. Nandana b chandran Bts

    About 90% of women are their fans that means literally those who give them their bread and butter and this is the way they give them back…!!!OH God!am sick of these..!!!

  11. Joseon Lee

    sex is awesome. we were made from sex. and current society love sex, but the law put in place is nth but a chastity belt

    1. Worldwide JIN-tleman!

      Joseon Lee
      Those women DID NOT KNOW that they were being filmed. There was NO consent. Some of them were drugged up or too drunk to understand what was going on. In recent news, JJY knew the weaknesses of these women so they didn’t report him.

    2. Jessa 576

      Joseon Lee wtf why would you say that I bet you have never even had sex dumbass

    3. Worldwide JIN-tleman!

      Joseon Lee
      So women should just avoid bars??? Maybe men should learn how to keep their junk inside their pants. If someone has no control of themselves, they are dangerous & should be punished if they hurt someone. I’m not just saying this about men, I’m saying this about women too. The victims of rape are NEVER at fault. No means no.

  12. Batam Fanny

    What a dirty world nowadays.😠😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

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