Hollywood Stars Who Hired Call Girls & Got Caught Red-Handed

Did you know that there is one famously controversial Hollywood star who is rumored to have spent nearly half of a million dollars on escorts in his lifetime and that Hugh Grant claimed that it was his sexual fantasy to have sex with an African-American woman? Hollywood stars can live some fairly exuberant lifestyles, and it’s not uncommon for actors to get caught calling on ladies of the night to fulfill their desires. Numerous stars have been caught red-handed with call girls over the years, and we’ll be taking a look at some of the most memorable examples in this video!

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Some of the most famous Hollywood stars that have been caught red-handed with prostitutes include Hugh Grant, Eddie Murphy, and Charlie Sheen. Hugh Grant was caught red-handed with a prostitute on the streets of Los Angeles while he was in Hollywood to promote the release of his 1995 feature Nine Months. The beloved British actor was in a long-term relationship at the time with fellow actress Elizabeth Hurley. Despite the incident, Hugh and Elizabeth would remain together for several more years.

Eddie Murphy’s incident occurred several years after Hugh Grant’s. Eddie was caught red-handed with a call girl in 1997. Unlike Hugh, Eddie never admitted that he was actually doing what it looked like he was doing. Instead, the comedian has maintained his innocence to this day. However, the cops on the scene tell a different story. Eddie was married at the time, having tied the knot with wife Nicole in 1993. They would remain married until 2006.

Finally, former high-profile grand madam Heidi Fleiss accused Charlie Sheen of spending several hundreds of thousands of dollars at her prostitution ring during the late 80s and early 90s. From Danny Bonaduce to Charlie Sheen, join Facts Verse as we take a look at Hollywood stars who hired call girls and got caught red-handed.

Hollywood Stars Who Hired Call Girls & Got Caught Red-Handed

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  1. Boi Kitty

    I wouldn’t admit I was paid $60 for sexual services.

    1. billp4

      Yes, you had better keep that to yourself.

    2. Kenneth Russell

      🤣 , Not as rich and famous as they are.

  2. Delle Daye

    Don’t understand why this is really our business 😃

    1. billp4

      IKR. Consenting adults, right?

    2. Brigitte Farmer


  3. California Dreamer

    It’s Hollywood what more can anyone say. It’s a far different world then the rest of us live.

    1. Amanda Dean

      Nope this is not just the Hollywood people. Plenty of regular people use the services too

  4. Cj Jones

    Moral of the story: They all got caught by via Photo/video evidence ,witnesses or being outed by the call girl(s) later

    1. Cj Jones

      @Facts Verse Honestly, no one in particular. It’s just one of those well known things that happens to both regular and famous people. Those that choose to engage in such activity should do so at their own risk.

    2. Facts Verse

      Nice observation, thanks for sharing! Who among these stars shocked you the most?

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    Grow-up People 🧐 Happens Everyday.. yessir

  7. Ave Joe

    This is very interesting.

    1. Facts Verse

      Thanks for watching! We’re so glad you enjoyed this video. What other types of videos would you like to see?

    2. Albert Nada Retro

      @Brigitte Farmer I only say that because this is one place where all people intersect. We all get lonely and need companionship. These people rely on the confidentiality of the escort service to keep things quiet.

    3. Brigitte Farmer


    4. Albert Nada Retro

      Not really.

  8. Leo G

    Well I guess a call girl won’t take half of your money when she leaves you. Lmmfao 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  9. BitterSweet

    None of them are a surprise to me and I bet you only scratched the surface….

  10. Tim Stingel

    So what if people wanna pay for or get paid to keep another company then so be it to each our own


    Why, don’t you make a video about how politicians and elites do the exact same thing,including human trafficking.? You want to see who really is sick and twisted.

    1. Mitchell Rich

      Or which politicians have CP

  12. Jordan Brancato

    and? they are actors not saints lmao

  13. tugquarles

    I heard one of the celebrities say that you don’t pay for sex, you pay the girls to leave. Perhaps they should include…and to keep their mouths shut.

  14. joey morvant

    «Get a map to the stars, find Heidi Fleiss…»


    So,what it is Hollywood both women and men do this type of stuff oh my I am so shocked and why would I care what they do in private? Seems, the only one’s who would are the one’s who put this video up.🙄

  16. James Steelman


  17. Albert Nada Retro

    Why is this s big deal. You’re a big celebrity, and you want a ladies company for the evening, but you don’t want her running to the media about it the next day. You turn to an escort service hoping you can counting on client confidentiality. Makes perfect sense to me.

  18. Shelley OBrien

    I don’t know the difference between a “hook-up, and a “prostitute” except one is illegal; so don’t judge.

    1. billp4

      I imagine the one is illegal because the government doesn’t get their cut. Do they even pursue this anymore? I hope not.

  19. Random 549

    My only surprise is how cheap these guys were. Paying $40 — $60 for a street worker is insane when you have $Millions in the bank.

  20. Randy

    Charlie Sheen’s Two and a Half Men Character was how the actual Charlie Sheen was. He never hid it.

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