Q&A #4 || Gay Star Arquez, XL, Marvel Powers, Sex Talk, Favorite Color & More!

Q&A #4 || Arquez, XL, Marvel Powers, Sex Talk, Favorite Color & More!

I answer questions that yawl have for me. Nothing but the Truth lol oh boy.
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  1. Kelton Adams

    Imagine storm and Thor going at it. I’d get my life!

  2. Kelton Adams

    But superman is vulnerable to magic so Thor could win more easily I’d think. These mashups are good though. Catwoman vs Harley Quinn?

  3. Lif Pan

    Can you get an interview with Antonio Biaggi ? his voice and vids are just 2 good 2 me lmao

  4. TheQueenBrit

    this is amazing, but can you get Rio next time? does he even have a twitter

  5. Andrew Moore

    Marvel Girl is Jean Grey’s daughter from the future, and she has Jean’s telekinesis and telepathy.

  6. JRMES

    Wes you hold some interesting view points but you lost me when you started doing drag😵

  7. Chantal Bacco

    Black men is the king

  8. Todd Hill


  9. PhamousTailz

    I know this guy he use to stay in Houston

  10. Devin ThaDude

    I learned something. I didn’t know you were into marvel and comics and stuff! 😁😁😁😁😁👌🏾

  11. Lonnie

    can you take questions on twitter ???

  12. MrVesperia101

    Nonetheless, you still look strapping, and you do actually motivate me, sir! 
    I really lost interest in Naruto when all the unnecessary fillers were thrown in our face, which became absurd and draining because I was so far behind in episodes.

    Thank you for sincerely responding to my questions, Wes 😀

    1. TheQueenBrit

      +MrVesperia101 you can filter out fillers. check google

  13. Monica Love tv

    You look good for your age ! i just love you ! Keep doing what you are doing !

  14. Tracey Christian

    thumbs way up WES..great video bae

  15. Tracey Christian

    so glad CULTURE CLUBB will be back in AUGUST……..#ACTV fan

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