2 Korean Pop Stars Embroiled In Sex Scandals Questioned By Police | TIME

After their surprise retirement announcements, two K-pop stars were facing police questioning Thursday over interlocking sex scandals that have fascinated South Korea.
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2 Korean Pop Stars Embroiled In Sex Scandals Questioned By Police | TIME

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  1. Er1s.pl0u70

    Wait can someone explain me what is going on please

    1. Adira Aster

      I might be wrong tho but that’s what I gathered. It’s just disgusting. :/ I watched a video where the korean youtuber translates the messages and this jjy guy even had the guts to laugh about how someone raped the woman.

    2. Adira Aster

      They drugged women and do sexual things with them and then take videos of them without the consent of the women and then they send it to some group chat at kakaotalk. They also send it in other idols who’s not even at the gc so we don’t really know how many people are involved. And with Seungri’s case he was in the gc and it looks like he’s also pimping women.

    3. Mocha

      Jimin’s SaRAngHOeYo they created a chat group and shared videos of numerous unconscious girls that they raped

  2. Tullock

    Weak people with lots of money trying to act like strong people.

  3. shin Lansi

    This is way more scary

  4. Tifftiff12

    Doesn’t matter how many times these creeps apologize. What they did to those poor girls will never be fixed.

  5. Miseop Lee

    There is nothing to answer Seungri.. we all know you are crazy AF to do something like that, do not try to give that face, bro you are a criminal!

  6. Rodrigo Fernety


  7. Write

    It’s 5 now, isn’t!?

  8. Zilan Slah

    Actually this isn’t true it’s all fake

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