Sex Education star Simone Ashley teases Bridgerton season 2 | EE BAFTAs 2022 Red Carpet

Simone Ashley reveals that she has moved on from Sex Education and teases what fans can expect form her debut in Season 2 of Bridgerton.

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  1. Ify Ochu

    The way she says thank you😩

  2. Ditty Ditty

    What a well spoken, polite and stunningly beautiful person Simone is! Looooooved Bridgerton s2. Kate Sharma was 👌

  3. Arshita!

    not returning for season 4? Will miss Olivia!

  4. TOJO J

    Sis is too fine for words She is our Indian Queen 😘😍

  5. kreativitybykat

    She seems so lovely!! 🥰🥰🥰

  6. Ajesh Benny

    Indian Black Beauty ❤

  7. Bernie Cho

    So beautiful love her! Cannot wait for Bridgerton Season 2!!

  8. CapoeiraRecio

    Just binge watched Bridgerton, she is remarkable!

  9. Johanna Rodriguez

    Kate Sharma, can’t wait to see Bridgerton.

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