‘Sex and the City’ star Chris Noth denies allegations of sexual assault l GMA

Noth said in a statement the allegations against him from two women are “categorically false.”

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  1. Deuce Fly

    What I want to know is what is it about the Sex and the City reboot that caused these women to come forward now about these allegations? Its not as if he has not been acting on t.v. recently. Matter of fact he has had a very successful career on t.v.

  2. Joshua K

    Sounds to me like someone was looking for a payday 💵

  3. CountAxel

    This is yet another story where the Robin Roberts out going message isn’t appropriate…you’re reporting a sexual assault..it’s not an «awesome video»

  4. Gary

    Here we go…more Me Too propaganda. Accusations 10-20 years later. Don’t know Chris Noth, don’t really like his acting, but an accused person has the right to answer his accusers on something that happened in the last several years at least. ALL kinds of wild, outlandish accusations being made about incidents from 10, 20, 30 years ago. Destroys reputations based on UNFOUNDED accusations.

    1. Petra Smiles

      Judged by your name , you are a man. Women often blame themselves, because they think , why did i go to his flat, why didn’t i call police , why didn’t I bite him or try to beat him. Women feel ashamed of not being believed, of being branded sluts because they knew he had a wife etc. A woman and a man has the right to say NO at any time. With a man its easier because when he is not aroused and doesn’t want it, sex ends. A woman doesn’t ‘ shut down’ there. It takes time for women to process it and realise they didn’t do anything wrong. A lot of women hope with time they will convinced themselves it was mutual, especially if they don’t have typical victim metality. Not everyone wants to be perceived as a victim, they say themselves, Im not a snow flake, Im not one of those women who are afraid to fight off a man, until it happens to you.

    2. denise surber

      @Petra Smiles They need to come out about it as soon as it happens. What if it happens to another woman? This is the 21st century. If I couldn’t come out about it right away I wouldn’t wait years later. Makes no sense.

  5. Lucian

    Question for the ones who defend Noth by saying «why do these women come out now, when he’s soooo successful?»:

    Why doesn’t every successful male get these allegations, on a frequent basis?

    And why would these women stay anonymous, if they wanted fame?

    1. Lucian

      @TheRanitarene Just ’cause it’s worked for you, doesn’t mean anything.

      Would you like it if someone said it was your fault too, if it didn’t work?

      I am not saying some of the people who come out years after an incident, can’t lie.
      But why… would they?
      Why do they stay anonymous? (if they want fame)
      And why doesn’t every «big star» male celebrity get these accusations?
      And why would they simply want to destroy someone’s career like that?

    2. Lucian

      Thanks. These answers really help…

    3. TheRanitarene

      I feel bad for both parties, who ever is telling the truth. But we see these type of allegations of women coming out at the “perfect” moment decades after the “supposedly” assault, rape or whatever it may be. The first women even went to the hospital for stitches but decided not to say who it was? C’mon, why wouldn’t you want a rapist get caught? I would like to see a law that after certain amount of time, you can’t come back and ruin someone’s career with allegations from years ago. It’s getting ridiculous. All this time the men slept good at night thinking every single sex encounter they’ve had had been consexual. We must not forget, men aren’t mind readers. No is no and if they force themselves, why not hit them in the nuts, screen and run if you feel you are being raped? It’s worked for me. Women are also to blamed for.

    4. ANDY

      They are liars and those promiscuous women just want someone to blame for their sad life.

  6. olijadu

    accountability is like kryptonite with these «birthing people», u «ended up in his apartment» and one of them «asked him to wear a condom», pretty odd thing to say to your «attacker». then u told a police officer at a hospital but didnt give them full details? what was the point of even m,mentioning anything to an officer if u werent going to tell them? these are nonsensical stories Just like the Smollett case, there needs to be serious laws on the books punishing people who make up stories that can instantly destroy lives

    1. olijadu

      @janet gonzalez ive heard of accountability amongst Adults, Male and female- Men do not get to choose when to be treated as adults. Only children get the privilege of claiming ignorance, that is understandable because they are children . The stories against Chris Noth sound like Smollett stories, they dont make any sense and they are lacking accountability

    2. janet gonzalez

      Have you heard of coercion!!! It’s criminal

    3. janet gonzalez

      Well sorry to bust your bubble but I have worked around this man and he is no Angle .. god complex thinks he can do and say what he want to ppl

  7. Marshapelo

    He should have stayed retired and be content collecting TV show royalties.

  8. Wane felicia

    His poor wife

    1. brass attacks

      where is your proof against him?

    2. Madison-Palestina-Fakhara Zein

      @courtneyawalsh clearly you don’t understand innocent until proven guilty

    3. courtneyawalsh

      @Sarcastically Rearranged that he doesn’t understand consent whatsoever.

    4. janet gonzalez

      @LycanHD one of my coworkers to had to tell him to get his hand off of her . He’s a scum bag I would never Defame someone’s character without any reason. He’s part owner to a music venue in the city …

    5. LycanHD

      @janet gonzalez She didn’t report it?

  9. Hol li

    «I didn’t inhale» 👀🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

  10. lazyengineer85

    Well, when men invite women to his apartment, it kind sign expecting something. So if the women didnt want him they can refused to came.

    1. lazyengineer85

      @HatesMen well lets dee whst happen next and whose will be wrong here…

    2. HatesMen

      @lazyengineer85 “I don’t try blame victim here”…you’re literally blaming the victim🤢

    3. lazyengineer85

      @SuperLucylola the thing is, i dont try blame victim at all here but what his motive he invite her to his apattemen and why she says yes. We all know inviting to his stay is universall language for third base. If the women knew what the men expected from the invitation, she could says no. Unless he force her come to his apartemen

    4. SuperLucylola

      going to a man apartmetn is not an invitation for rape

  11. Caprice Madrid

    Gloria Allred must be salivating

  12. Julia Alyssandra

    And just like that…it was the end of Just like that.

  13. G Zhang

    What about trust women

    1. denise surber

      There has been too much trusting women and just believing everything they say before there is even a trial. That is not how our society is supposed to work. These men are tried in the media, where a woman never lies and can do no wrong, and are found guilty. I think it reeks.

  14. Ro Ro

    Interesting to note that these accusations are coming from African-American women who may have felt their reports would have fallen on deaf ears. I hope justice is served.

    1. brass attacks

      how do you know they’re telling the truth?

    2. Gary

      I thought the accusers were anonymous….how exactly do you know they are African American??? How does anyone??? More Me Too propaganda??? Allegations 10-20 years later???

    3. Miss Mary mac

      They never disclosed their race

  15. Mike

    It seems like making a pass constitutes sexual assault anymore.

    1. eddyvideostar

      Dear MIke: Selassie: Bless.

    2. Mike

      @Sarcastically Rearranged You’re sure of that? Guilty before proven innocent.

    3. Sarcastically Rearranged

      No, it seems like sexual assault is what constitutes sexual assault since it wasn’t a “pass.”

  16. Talia E.

    never liked him

  17. Celestine Meyers


  18. Michele K. Perner


  19. g sun

    Two sides to the story