«Sex and the City» star Chris Noth denies allegations by two women accusing him of sexual assault

Actor Chris Noth is denying allegations made by two women to The Hollywood Reporter. The women say the 67-year-old, known for his role as Mr. Big on "Sex and the City," sexually assaulted them. Jericka Duncan reports.

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  1. Nicole Ford

    OMG! Can there be a statute of limitations on this ish…. I’m so tired of hearing these dusty women waiting years and years to speak. You’re not scared the sooner the better, your credibility goes out the window the longer you wait. There are three sides, his, hers, and the actual truth. And I’m just not going to believe you because you’re a «women» next

    1. Igloo Zoo

      @Linda X Accusations aren’t evidence. MeToo has watered down the word RAPE. Regret isn’t Rape.

    2. Linda X

      There are plenty of outcry witnesses. It’s people like you that make it so scary for rape victims to come forward. That’s what you don’t get. Duh.
      And saying you’re a «woman» is meaningless. Who cares? It obviously hasn’t made you a more compassionate or intelligent person. There’s millions of men who understand «no means no.» Apparently you don’t.

  2. Brenda Starks

    Okay why did they wait this long to say something about. Are they upset because he married a black woman and had kids by her why is this taking so long to come out? I just found out the women are black as. I just want to know why they took so long to say something. Did they do this to break up his marriage and his career because he did not marry them, and they are black as well. However, they had a chance to come out early in life they did not I think it is wrong to bring this up now. Give him his job back. They just could not look at him on TV every Sunday night and in the tablet with his new family they were jealous. I found out the women were white and not black so that is a problem. And she to his hotel she wanted it I WOULD HAVE IT TO. Stay out of men hotel this the Bill Cosby the won the so privileged » I do not care give him is Job back. My update

  3. Linda X

    This comment section is the exact reasons why women don’t come forward, so stop asking why.
    If you had to run a gauntlet of nasty, stupid people to get justice you’d think twice too.

    1. Linda X

      @Igloo Zoo if the shoe fits, wear it.
      Yet another woman has come forward and it won’t be the last. He’ll be lucky if he doesn’t go to prison just like Weinstein and Cosby.
      That must really chap your misogyny, eh? 😂

    2. Igloo Zoo

      women aren’t always innocent victims when it comes to sexual harrasment and rape allegations. evidence still matters. Calling people stupid and nasty doesn’t make your version of truth any more true nor valid.

    3. Madison-Palestina-Fakhara Zein

      @Linda X five women is not evidence of rape. It’s evidence of a supposed reputation no further charges and some of these accusations are passed the statue of limitations. If he did it then he should be castrated but if not then he should sue everyone in involved.

  4. Kris

    They were drinking and then she went to his apartment. Now she tells that the sex wasn’t consensual. I am not gonna call her a liar but I refuse to call him a criminal either. Those things should be cleared in court by a judge and not by the public opinion. How about innocent until proven? Now anybody can accuse you and your life is over. I don’t want to be a part of it. Too many good man were proven innocent but noone cared or heard about it afterwards. We should treat women and men equally and use the same standards as for every criminal case. I understand the report on it…but let’s wait and see and don’t hate on anybody when we weren’t there and don’t know what really happened.

    1. Georgia Lee

      Holden NY I can see why they s didn’t press charges at the time he was famous and they weren’t. I’m surprised they didn’t come out during the metoo movement

    2. Georgia Lee

      Bill Cosby and Bill Clinton were married too! That doesn’t matter. Many times the married men are the worse! Why did these women go to his place?

    3. HoldenNY22

      Thank You, Kris. I like to know why, these Allegations came out after 15 years. Why didn’t these women press charges Immediately he assaulted them? Did Chris Noth do something recently that the Powers tht be don’t like?

    4. Jacky Flowers

      @Samuel LP true. But, it does show something of one’s character.

    5. Samuel LP

      @Jacky Flowers I agree. I don’t think a woman should be assaulted sexually or mistreated even if she flirts with the attacker before but I think it’s stupid if women think they can do this and expect most men to hold back like women. At some point the woman needs to make her intentions clear (and the man) and quit horsing around.

  5. JoDee Dunn

    Funny these women waited so long to accuse him.. So sad these women are ruining someone’s life.

    1. Georgia Lee

      Yes they did wait a long time but Noth’s ex GF of five years said way back in the 90’s he abused her too. It’s detailed in a magazine from many years ago

  6. Ro Ro

    Smoke and fire.

  7. George

    Isn’t it hypocrisy how the Sex And The City show always glamorized this behavior, yet now the actresses condemn their male colleague for allegedly maybe doing it?

  8. Jay Morales

    Here we go again!!

    1. Igloo Zoo

      @Georgia Lee Because she was a supermodel and they were in a relationship for 5 yrs. Apples and Oranges.

    2. Georgia Lee

      Way back in the 90’s Noth’s ex GF of five years spoke in detail to a magazine that he abused her back when. So maybe there’s some truth to it.

    3. BasicallyBundy


  9. Trish Scott

    GO SOME where and have 100 seats

  10. BreSi🍎

    Just like that…Horses out the gate.

  11. They Close Channels That Speak The Truth

    Gotta be why they killed him off in the first episode. Rumor has, he is known as a player. But it sounds like he said the encounters were consensual in 2015. Wasn’t he married during that time? Hmmmm.

  12. Max Linder

    Good wig!!!!

  13. g sun

    his side
    her side
    and the truth

    1. Linda X

      Your side: victim blaming
      The truth: no means no regardless of the circumstances.
      Perhaps it’s tricky for you to understand that committing a felony is wrong, but it is.

    2. Ashley Scott

      Sometimes the truth falls on either side

  14. Little chip

    Shame on you for reporting this before he’s found guilty. Doesn’t matter. He’s guilty now. I do not believe them. What a bunch of dung. I hope he sues them for everything.

  15. Jason Walter

    So the women accused him of grape and sexual assault, a felony crime, to a newspaper but not the police?

  16. Alexandria Winter

    Just because a woman has drinks at a man’s apartment does not give an elderly man or any man a license to rape a woman. He even said no means no, so he knows it’s wrong. Women don’t particularly want to say they were raped which is why it often takes years for them to speak up about what happened to them. The men that rape often assault more than one woman over time.

    1. Igloo Zoo

      @Linda X I am still just waiting for that one woman who admits that use sex to get something else in return.

    2. Linda X

      @Igloo Zoo aw look, hate bait. Yawn. 😴

    3. Igloo Zoo

      From a man’s perspective, if a woman accepts an invitation to his apartment, they are consenting to sex.

    4. Linda X

      @Toni Robinson that’s ridiculous. A woman has the right to say no regardless of the circumstances.
      No one asks a person who got mugged «well you were walking down the street what do you expect? Did you say no?»
      No one asks a person who was car jacked «well you were driving a car down the street, what do you expect? Did you say no?»
      Your «logic» is garbage.

    5. Toni Robinson

      But why go to the hotel room at all? Why drink with a married older man? Come on ladies, we are all smarter than this. These allegations are suspect-at best !

  17. Julia Alyssandra

    And just like that it was the end of just like that.

  18. Thunderbird McFly

    Well one thing for sure he is cancelled ❌ it wasn’t such a good idea for him after all that sexy and city reunion 🙄

  19. Donna Fielder

    Why haven’t these women come forward sooner! Why now? Something doesn’t look right hear? I’m for justice? I’m not on anyone’s side here? I’m just for justice?

  20. L F

    Hum🤔 Not one word about this for 2 decades, UNTIL he’s in the limelight with this series reboot? Some of this MeToo-ness has tinges of the Scarlet Letter. None of these women had anything to say when this guy wasn’t on a big publicity blitz for a hit show. This smells of LYING KARENS looking for publicity. A many a black man has swung from a tree based on this flimsy OBVIOUS lying slander. Women shouldn’t be allowed to do this. Support this man, this is disgusting

    1. Linda X

      Histrionic much? Noth isn’t black. It’s become such a joke that some of you will play the race card no matter what the circumstances. It renders your opinion meaningless and worthless.

    2. rilenixx

      @L F I know what a metaphor is. What you wrote was not intended to be a metaphor.

      «A many a black man has swung from a tree based on this flimsy OBVIOUS lying slander» was hard to decipher because proper grammar was not used.

      Many black men have been hung off trees throughout history because women lied about being sexually assaulted is what you were trying to say. I am sorry to inform you that is not a metaphor.

      That is a very direct accusation where some evidence would be needed to support that claim. But make no mistake that it is not a metaphor.

    3. L F

      @rilenixx Lynching!!! Lying Karens crying rape for attention got people LYNCHED. «Swinging from a tree» It’s called a metaphor,

    4. Georgia Lee

      la mulata linda Martinez
      He has been in the limelight for decades and many years ago his ex GF — another woman — told a magazine in detail that he was very abusive to her

    5. jodiescookin1

      @rilenixx She did not say they swung tree to tree she said ‘many a black man has swung from a tree’ meaning many a black man has been falsely accused of sexual misconduct and hung b/c of false accusations

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