Sex Education’s Connor Swindells Says It’s ‘An Honour’ To Star In New Series, SAS: Rogue Heroes

Actor Connor Swindells joined The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about starring in historical drama SAS Rogue Heroes, which is written by Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, and begins this Sunday (30th October) on BBC One.


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  1. lolsaXx

    This show is great show. I love it. I hope S2 happens fast. And this is coming from someone who doesnt usually enjoy watching war productions.

  2. John Crowe

    Connor is excellent in the role, as are the other 2 leads. Watch this show!

  3. Michael Lewis

    Seen all episodes on i player. Great. Looking forward to series 2. I think Paddy Mayne wasn’t like that in real life unless he was pissed.

  4. EJ_2012 S

    The interviewer was appallingly prepared just babbling. Connor had to carry his nonsense.

  5. fx02zbn

    What a truly awful interviewer but what a brilliant guest

  6. adam


  7. Hong Kong Phooey

    That interviewer is terrible. Likes the sound of his own voice, and hasn’t done his research.

    1. AJ productions

      I can’t stand him