French football star Benzema found guilty in sex tape scandal • FRANCE 24 English

Real Madrid and France star Karim #Benzema was found guilty Wednesday of being complicit in a 2015 attempt to #blackmail his former France team-mate Mathieu #Valbuena with a sex tape. Benzema, who was cast out of the France team for five-and-a-half years over the affair, was handed a one-year suspended sentence by the court in Versailles, near Paris.

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  1. Filthywings

    In case other people are wondering the same question, Karim is French because he is a citizen of France. Ethnicity isn’t nationality.

  2. ?

    Grande Valvuena 💪

  3. Melanin Magdalene

    Knowing France, it’s a teenybopper

  4. Argonaut

    I understand that this is pretty bad and all and I agree with you all but this was 7 years ago. The man has changed and is not like that anymore but I do understand why everyone is so mad.

    1. Jess G

      seriously??? this was not his forst rodeo, in 2010 he was charged with the statutory rape of a 16 year old. Then 2014 tries to extort huge money from his team mate risking the marriage of Mathieu. You really think he has changed, people like that do not change.

  5. Mauro Meneguzzi


  6. Deepak Sharma

    Nadal wants him to win Ballon Dor!! Some footballers are crazy..!! Applaud to Mathieu for this one.

  7. Black Knight

    Old story, why now?

  8. Shabs123

    Mean while valbuenas wife ..thanks karim for revealing the snake in my bed 🤷

    1. Madhu Dharam

      Can u explain the issue clearly whats in that video

  9. Alvin Stephenson

    He is not a French his origin from Algerian parents.then how can call him French?

    1. Masfiq Ratul

      @Alvin Stephenson okay because of Algerian Parents he is not French ops
      Sorry Zidane is also not French , So do Mbappe , Pogba , Raphael, Henry , Abidal , Kante and Other Immigrants 🤭 🤔 Can France Even had those world cup and Euro without Them 🤔 1998 , 2000 ,2006 , 2018 Every Success was Full of Immigrants

      Thank you in Advance france for Removing 2 stars and Giving them to Brazil and Croatia 🙇

    2. Joe Schmoe

      @FAL He was ethnically Italian but shared a phenotype the French of that day accepted, why? Humans are by nature tribal. Any argument to the contrary would be settled by going to a high school lunch room.

    3. Joe Schmoe

      @YoMeComoTacos Last name Chapelier but far more importantly, ethnically French, meaning people that look like me have lived on the Iberian peninsula for untold centuries, not since 1960 after invading and begging for handouts.

    4. YoMeComoTacos

      @Joe Schmoe
      You’re probably not even French so stfu Joe

    5. Alvin Stephenson

      @Sandip Bhaumik he will fight against France after few years

  10. A French

    Put Jihadi in Jail!

  11. Nubi925

    Prison fc is surely licking their lip at the prospect of signing so many stars this season.

    1. Nubi925

      @free Does it look like i care about what u feel or think? Keep it to yourself mate.

    2. free

      So funny I forgot to laugh

  12. Dave1959

    This guy is an absolute embarrassment to his country , his club his family !! Disgraceful ! He should be sacked from Madrid y France …. Anybody supports this guy is of dubious moral character and it’s wrong to make any cultural comment but it’s no wonder France is going down the drain .. I have had 4 french people stay at my apartment all emigrating to Spain… no need to explain why !