R&B star R. Kelly in court for sex abuse trial

R. Kelly, will be back in a criminal court on Wednesday, this time for opening statements in his long-anticipated federal trial on sex abuse charges. (Aug. 18)

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  1. Kimberly Nichole

    I see all of the con artists showed up for court. I wish there were cameras inside the courtroom to get these liars on camera perjuring themselves and being caught in lie after lie by the defense.

    1. 3D Diagnosis

      We need more sister’s like you that sticks to the fact’s. It’s refreshing to know some of you still believe in truth and not propaganda.

  2. D D

    And joy still dont want to come home🤦‍♀️. These parents are crazy smh.

    1. 3D Diagnosis

      Because there’s no joy there.

  3. Augford P. Doggie

    «Haters wanna hate lovers want to love…»

    1. Cali Girl

      @Augford P. Doggie…. I don’t even want none of the above.

  4. L

    Those parents always in front of the cameras whenever they can


      Google them they’re on the internet Court in videos lion like the pathological Liars they are

  5. Blessed365

    R. Kelly was a child sexually abused. That never received the mental, and psychological care he needed. I pray for all the victims involved, including Mr. Kelly.😢😢»He without sin amongst you, let him be the first to cast a stone»❤🙏🏾❤

  6. Adewale Adetunji

    I just want to know when are the parents are going to have their day in court


    Joy was grown

  8. dariuz johnson

    The Clary and Savage families are disgusting. They’d sold their daughters to this Monster. How dare them play upon our emotions

  9. Aaron Harrington

    That family is Cap 🧢

  10. Frankie Reed

    Joy grown

  11. Maine MILLA

    Kelly not guilty

  12. Frankie Reed

    Tim shisty

  13. sweetbaby

    haters on king smh

  14. Jason Vegan

    Can he really be considered an “R&B star”??? Maybe a former one, the dude hasn’t been musically relevant for decades.

    1. Kimberly Nichole

      Have you ever been musically relevant? Or a star?

    2. Your Favorite Cousin Davin

      He wrote The Isley Brothers latest song. Came out in 2021 titled Friends and Family.

    3. Esmeralda Redmond

      A decade is 10 years you are talking about decades 🤔 even if he didn’t bring out new music doesn’t mean people don’t play his music. He is relevant and will forever remain relevant as he is the King of RnB. Don’t matter his situation. His legacy remains. He might be going through personal difficulties, but what he has done for music can never be overlooked. He is not a has been. He is very much relevant especially in this day and age with the type of music that is out…

    4. Maine MILLA

      Backyard party Two years ago

    5. 3D Diagnosis

      He is a legend, King of Rhythm and Blues. U were probably conceived to his music and don’t even know it.

  15. Tricia Easley

    It’s been five years, she’s much too old for him now anyway

  16. Truth Hurts huh

    The money ran out.

  17. Have Faith. Stay Positive. Blessed Nation.

    How many of y’all ladies think he innocent?

    1. Real_Woman on a mission

      I think they lied to him about age.

  18. Billy Belbite

    Be strong my man in front of those lying sharks… you re not guilty