‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris faces additional child pornography, sex abuse charges

"Cheer" star Jerry Harris is facing new child pornography and sex crime charges, according to an indictment that was made public on Friday.

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  1. Warren Carter

    Get em all. This stuff getting out of control. And they wanna put this in our kids schools. Not normal at all

    1. Warren Carter

      I know you people caught up in the democratic and republican propaganda. However it’s not about politics it’s about good and evil. This world is fillies with evil people. You will harm another human to carry out sick twisted thoughts in your head. Especially a child. And let’s not talk about race. This world is nowhere near god like.

  2. Frank Villa

    Wake up call to all parents here on entrusting kids with so called Coaches

    1. The Kimchi stand

      A lot of parents voted for Biden. They don’t even know haha

    2. Warren Carter

      What about Sandusky ? So many to name off

    3. zdxz xz

      Don’t blame the parents. Coaches aren’t supposed to do that period

  3. Jeff G

    He’s going to Love prison!!

  4. Florence Gil

    Yay! Love to see these people go down!

  5. Heru1:22

    Just downright nasty and sick, lock him up with rkelly together……

  6. MMNSavatage

    Bronaugh has the most Canadian accent i have ever heard

    1. Abbie Delaney

      It’s Irish lol pretty cool

  7. Roy Hemion

    Wtf is wrong with people?
    God will judge.

    1. Roy Hemion

      @The Kimchi stand What’s a president? Nothing. A sinner.
      Everyone wants to blame someone else for their ailments.
      Everyone points fingers at the government, the president, Hitler, Stalin, their mothers or fathers etc.
      Maybe it’s time people point the fingers at themselves.
      All fall short of Gods glory..
      And God IS Judging.
      Only a sinner who lives to love their own flesh is decieved.
      Some of us knows exactly what is happening. Most do not

    2. The Kimchi stand

      Look at who cheated to be our president. Says it all

  8. Joseph Hoover

    Jerry is going to be Big Bubbas cheerleader in prison

  9. White Diamond

    I remembered hearing about this JERRY sometime back ago but didn’t quite understand. This is disgusting because parents trusted him with their kids. PRAY for those VICTIMS and for their FAMILIES. 🙏🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏻🙏🙏🏼🙏🏿🙏🏽🙏🏾🙏🏻

  10. The guy that shot drake The guy that shot drake

    Well he is a male cheerleader 📣

  11. Alex Z

    Dude gonna have a whole lot of men over him in the showers in prison lol

    1. Meat city. 5119

      They won’t give him the pleasure: )

  12. Meat city. 5119

    Narcissism dahhh

  13. The Kimchi stand

    I wonder if obama or Biden will bail him out

    1. chandler

      Probably not. They’re not like Trump.

  14. Boot Scoot


  15. EyeLoveTheStars

    Why do they have an Irish woman reporting the news?😂

    1. Rich K

      I think it’s called diversity…

    2. anthony anello

      why not

  16. Awmmboy Official

    Ppl be rotten

  17. 5FED

    He was just talking to Gabriel union she surprised him

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