‘Sex And The City’ Co-Stars Break Silence On Chris Noth Sexual Assault Allegations

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis release a joint statement about Chris Noth's sexual assault allegations, saying they are "deeply saddened" and they "support the women who have come forward". Plus, Noth has been fired from his role on “The Equalizer”. Morgan Hoffman, Sangita Patel, Keshia Chante, and Cheryl Hickey react on a special all-ladies edition of ET Canada Live.

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  1. ben gary

    I agree with Keisha. Support the victims courageousness but don’t punish the accused until we have more facts. Cancel culture is quick to cancel everyone

    1. Citizen Bidet

      Yet to establish anyone is a victim until a crime has been established.

    2. ashleymitts

      I agree just based on the fact that these woman went to the media and not the police.

    3. Jakendrick Williams

      @BusinessBabe it is a double standard when a white man is accused of something they say we need more evidence. But when a black man is accused of the same thing he is automatically guilty I agree with you, that we need more facts to come out all I am saying is keep that same energy next time a black man is accused of something.

    4. BusinessBabe

      I agree! We need more facts on this case. Without a fair trial and evidence we don’t know what’s really happening.

    5. Jakendrick Williams

      You and keisha need to shut up. Because when Bill Cosby and R.Kelly were being accused people were quick to rush to judgment. Without any evidence or proff people were saying that they were guilty they were convicted in the court of public opinion now your talking about let’s not rush to judgment wait for do process. Well I wish you guys kept that same energy for bill cosby and r.kelly and not you want to talk about not canceling people but when those guys come out and accused Micheal Jackson of molesting them when they were kids people were talking about pulling Micheal Jackson songs off the radio, the internet, every where the same with R. Kelly when he was accused of stuff did you or kiesha say let’s not cancel them ? So the next time a black man gets accused of something I want you and these women on this panel to keep the same energy up for him that you had for Chris Noth defend that black man the same way you defended him. This me too times up is full of it they are just trying to make black man the face of this stuff and everytime you guys talk you prove my point.

  2. Mary Anthony

    Well, it doesn’t make them look good. They worked with the guy for decades ( first the series, than the movies). They either noticed his aggressive, arrogant, misogynistic traits ( as alleged) and kept silent while he was profitable for the show, or they did not notice anything of the sorts and yet they now want to ride the wave of women solidarity, instead of supporting their costar. Both ways, it’s not looking good

    1. justin Dot

      really, your thinking should be other way around… INNOCENT UNTIL BURDEN OF PROOF. — not burden of allegation

    2. Keeping it Real

      Don’t delete the comments of those who disagree with you

    3. Sureyya EkincI

      They are has beens now and ı hope the reboot fails. Without chris the Show is already boring

    4. Ashley Scott

      You have a point

  3. Vee London

    Show business “friends” when a scandal hits 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃‍♀️💨

    1. Ashley Scott

      Is that supposed to be running away? If so then I agree lol

  4. Faith Hudson

    I don’t think it was right for Chris to get fired seems like a cheap PR stunt….

    1. Fantasma

      Bro them whores didn’t even have the balls or decency to make those allegations in their own name, they tryna take Chris Noth livelihood away for ridiculous and disgusting allegations and none of these “celebrities” or tv personalities had the common sense to even wonder if, even if the allegations are true, does groping someone mean you deserve to have everything you ever worked for taken away?? Everyone so scared to even hint that they might not believe a sexual assault victim. I mean how dare you ask for proof right?

    2. ashleymitts

      I agree

    3. BusinessBabe

      I agree — there is no proof any of this happened.

  5. Catherine Wendt

    He hasn’t be tried in a court of law yet so I think it’s so unfair to believe that he guilty. And to fire him once evidence is shown to prove hes committed a crime then that’s different.But to destroy his reputation a head of time isnt fair

    1. Fantasma

      It’s more than unfair this is an attack on men all over. Women have been taking away mens livelihoods simply by making allegations for a minute so it’s not a question of ignorance or naivety, they know exactly what they are doing when they make these allegations and know damn well what will happen to the guy and even if it turns out to be false allegations, despite the irreversible damage they had on the man’s life (mentally, physically, financially), absolutely nothing will happen to the accusers. In other situations of you cause the same damage you’ll have legal ramifications but the fact that these women know they don’t have to fear anything from lying so of course a lot of them are gonna take advantage of that and then act innocent when it backfires

  6. Brenda B

    I’m not saying the allegations are true or not. It is more safe now for a woman to report a rape than it has ever been. These assaults are a decade or more ago. The world is a different place now than it was when the alleged assaults took place.
    I experienced several assaults when I served on active duty in the military. When I reported the assaults, it was hushed up through the «good ole boy» network.
    There was a new squadron commander, who had spoken out about zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior & his open door policy.
    One night, I was working a midnight shift when one of the assaults occurred. I preserved evidence, then, went to see the squadron commander when my shift ended.
    I told him what happened, told him I had the evidence which he confiscated. Then, he asked me if I was wearing a dress or short skirt? He asked if I was wearing makeup or perfume to work.
    I told him that I was in uniform, military fatigues, no makeup, no perfume. I was really hopeful that he would stand by his words.
    He disposed of the evidence I gave him, told me he would get back to me, he never did. It has haunted me for a long time.

  7. Albehz

    Just trying to think If something bad happened I’d want justice but I guess not wanting it for ten to 15 years was fine

  8. Keeping it Real

    It’s one thing to say that we should give these women the benefit of the doubt but never say that there is no reason for them to lie. If you have someone who’s bitter that he didn’t leave his wife for them, there’s a reason right there. That’s why we should give victims the benefit of the doubt and then vet the story.

  9. maria feltrin

    I’m very disappointed in the cast of SATC, response to the ALLEGATIONS of Chris and how quickly they turned their backs on someone who they didn’t mind working with… I’m starting to see just what Kim was saying about SJP, no good friend just turns their back like that until they know the full details… Their response is just as WOKE as the entire show they have shoved in ppls faces…

    1. Marie B

      @Jo Daniels especially since he backed her when Kim said what she said about SJP. It’s shameful that men get raked over the coals before anything is proven. Look at Johnny Depp. He lost a lot and it turned out he wasn’t the aggressor. Chris Noth has lost his reputation and work and no one knows what happened. And why does it take so long for you to come out with your allegations? And why don’t women ever get charged? I have seen women lie and men get destroyed so why don’t they get prosecuted when it’s proven false?

    2. Jo Daniels

      I’ve totally lost respect for these 3 bitches turning their backs on him due to unproven “allegations “. It’s disgusting.

    3. Soft Pink

      Disappointed how the ladies made that judgment on the basis of allegation

  10. Di Marcotte

    The music is very distracting but great discussion.

  11. Keeping it Real

    What is she talking about sex in the city being about being single in the city? Lol. The ladies storyline has evolved through the old series as well as the movies so it’s certainly not a show just about that and they didn’t have to kill Mr Big for it. 🙄

  12. Amy W

    Whoa I didn’t even think of big being killed off because they knew something was coming…that’s interesting and it doesn’t feel off base

    1. Livi's Corner


  13. Adrian Sandoval

    Imagine betraying someone you know personally over unproven accusations from anonymous accusers.

    With friends like that who needs enemies.

    1. Soft Pink

      I agree. They were with the guy for decades if they knew something. Chris would have been fired but he was in all seasons and in the movies

  14. Juanita Miglio

    No reason for them to lie?? Are you serious lady? Have you not heard of money?

  15. sherry b

    Im not discounting these women or any women who has gone through such traumatic experiences however what happened to being innocent until proven guilty. And I’m not specifically speaking on this situation but all situations like this. Just my take and thoughts. No hate here.

    1. Bonghune Zhou

      For criminal conviction the bar is much (much) higher; talent agencies, television production companies, and others legally may make their own judgments…

  16. Citizen Bidet

    Remember Jessie Smollet. Jumping to early conclusions can be a gross mistake. Have patience to let the evidence come out and be analysed.

  17. tosheatower

    The proof is they came forward (anonymously). WoW. I’m not saying he didn’t do it, but WoW. Believe all woman has taken on new heights. Accuse — guilt. Done.

  18. Arlene Hill

    Thanks for the spoiler about Big’s death. 🙄 We haven’t all had the chance to see it yet!

  19. Comedian Denise Carter

    Most companies can cancel you based on your character.

    1. Bonghune Zhou

      Companies are not governments; they have no power of imprisonment.

  20. Silviar Thompson

    They needed to go true due process.