GTA 4 — Sex Shop Rampage + Six Star Escape

Niko's rampage in sex shop and six star escape
Mods used in the video:
Improvement pack
Weapon sounds
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  1. Revin Ravenza Diaz Abdilla

    1:44 funny how they falling down simultaneously just like hit by EMP haha

  2. The King of Streak

    Classic Incredible Rampage Battle😎👍

  3. Herr Schnabel

    Love it

  4. FlyGuy Carlton


  5. Andrew6

    My boy mike lol

  6. Jean Aguilar

    9:05 muevete estas bloqueando la calle aqui en latam le rsponderian jodete jajjajaja

  7. Colin Sique

    What about if you playing the defualt (without mods)

  8. Fizik🤔

    Bro your gaming channel continue

  9. Jia Sheng Ong

    Mike The Goon💗💗💗

  10. Porsh Prix


  11. Jean Aguilar

    1:44 que como cuando que paso

  12. Leonel YT


  13. louis the lll

    I’m like 100th yeaaah

  14. LiL BO WEEP


    1. Revin Ravenza Diaz Abdilla


    2. Highlight TV


    3. Toxic Madman

      Padam api