Willie Garson ‘Sex & The City’ Star Dead at 57

Willie Garson, who was most famous for playing Stanford Blatch on ‘Sex and the City’, has died, according to his close friends and family.

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  1. Maggie Wisdom

    My sincere condolences to his family. There are so many many people who loved him and we thank you for sharing him with us. He will truly be missed.

  2. hanscombe72

    I am gutted to hear this! Thank you for your work. We still quote some on Stanford’s lines from time to time in my house. This man took the trope of a gay bff to the next level!

  3. A stranger from Florida

    So sad He was my favorite character on sex and the city

  4. TrueCrime365 News Network

    I loved him so much in White Collar

  5. Алина

    He was my favourite character in White Collar 😭

    1. ZZM

      Mine, too.He was great and funny!

    2. Taylor H.

      We lost the Mozzz!!! Rest In Peace Mozzy!

  6. Desiree Reyes

    Omg… this is very sad to read… He seemed like such a nice person and a great actor. It is a loss to the acting community

  7. Sophia Andre

    Stanford Blatch🥺 Rest in peace.

  8. Scarlette

    My heart is broken 🙁 Stanford!

  9. Chelsgirl29

    First thing I saw him was Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan. He was funny in there. Rest in peace. My grandma also passed away tonight as well.

  10. Luke Maric

    Where has this come from what happened im a m shocked and sad😭

    1. Dale Sullivan

      Cancer. His son, Nathan posted, as did Matt and Tim on Instagram.

  11. J B

    2020/2021 sucks rip

  12. Valentin Robles


  13. Kazumizi Enfiare

    No! RIP

  14. Dai F


  15. Tatiana Ragland


  16. John Smith

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