‘Smallville’ Star Allison Mack Gets 3-Year Sentence In Sex Cult Case

Actress Allison Mack has been sentenced to three years in prison for helping recruit women as sex slaves for a cult-like group.

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  1. untouchable360x

    She’ll probably get out in a year due to «good behavior.» While the victims have a lifetime of mental scars.

  2. Harry Lime

    3 years reduced to 3 months and out in 3 days for good behavior. That Maxwell woman should have surrendered in Los Angeles!!

  3. mistress adina

    she has now joined a jail cult and the women are going to make her pay haha

  4. A.

    I hope she gets conjugal visits. Would love to visit her and comfort her

  5. Andre Michael Pietroschek

    Weird, as I could have sworn regretting `being caught´ is NOT real regret at all.

  6. The Divine Consciousness

    Only three years so freakin insane WTF

  7. David Ellis

    Should be a fun three years for her.

  8. Tank White.

    3 years, what a joke! Where’s Me Too?

  9. The Bulletz gotti show 2.0

    I saw the 3 years sentence coming not surprised

  10. Fight Milk

    ONLY 3????

  11. Kathy leander

    BS on 3 years!

  12. dirty girl

    Somebody saveeeeeeeeeee meeeeee 🙂

  13. Danny B

    Weirdos and freaks are constantly coming out of the woodwork

  14. Mark W

    SOMEBODY SAAAAVE ME…..let your warm hands break right thru me….STAY….STAAAY….CMON! 😔 *Clark didn’t come.*

  15. Kim S

    Whoahhhh the judge let her off easy. She’s lucky she only got three years.

    1. Kim S

      @ Tank White k

    2. Kyle Richardson

      Probably because she gave up some dirt

  16. D

    she’ll be out within a few weeks.

  17. Justiceforall55

    No Superman can save her now

  18. nicky leighton

    And if a male committed the same crimes he would of got 20 years or more .

    1. SavaGe GeCKo!

      110% right

    2. Tank White.


  19. DMP

    Slap on the wrist….

  20. Cor Gi

    Somebody saaaaaave meeeeee