Cynthia Nixon, former «Sex and the City» star, announces campaign for New York governor

The actress best known as Miranda on "Sex and the City" announced her campaign on Twitter on Monday. Cynthia Nixon is also an activist who's focused on education issues. She will try to unseat incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary.

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  1. Ex Terminator

    Go Cynthia!

  2. TheJking85

    Spoiler alert: Cuomo crushes Miranda in the primary 🙂


    I love her!

  4. onefatstratcat

    Nixon… ? Is she a crook too? 🙂

  5. Thor The Thundergod Mjolnir/Stormbreaker

    More women in «POWER’ is what America needs.

    1. Connor S.

      Jose Ingersoll Go home if you can’t accept people.

  6. Deborah Freedman

    So she is going to primary from the left. I hope New York won’t mind a Republican governor. I have nothing against her, liked her on the show. But, we need more centrist Dems that can win, not more on the fringe. The city makes up a lot less than half the population of the state. I don’t know if she can carry upstate New York.



  8. Punished Harvey Weinstein

    She’s such a strong independent woman, I hope she wins.

    1. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess

      I went to grade school with her.  Next question…  #trickydickless

    2. HopefulInTheLordJesus

      Punished Harvey Weinstein So you know her personally ?

    3. Ryan Blanche

      Punished Harvey Weinstein She has no chance.

    4. HopefulInTheLordJesus

      Ray Gordon Teaches Chess Yeah ok. Grade school ? Lol